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There are different types of Relationships but here we are focusing on Relationships between male and female, we are talking about a love relationship, which leads to other things like being together for a whole day at a special place they choose to be by the two bonding souls be it lovers or couples, this kind of relationship also lead to intimacy at the run end. We all had been there once or so many times walk up to the girl of your dreams and you are ready to open your mouth and knock her over with your wit and great sense of humour but instead, there's nothing. Your mind is completely blank. She thinks you are an idiot and you lose your chance forever.

Think and be prepared, come up with something to get the conversation going before you approach, use your eyes, think of something about her that you think she'd like to talk about it?


  • Don’t use a pre-packaged pick-up line just like you see on TV, hear

from your friends or read on the internet because these pick-up lines don't work. What looks hilarious and witty on the screen will sound corny and desperate, very few original lines out there and unless she's very young, most probably she will have heard them all before.

  • Be sure to have something else to bring up in the back of your mind like complimenting something special about her and ask an open question. If she has a special outfit like a fancy pair of shoes don't tell her "Hi, I really like that T-shirt". It's way too easy for her to say thanks, and then for both of you to stand there looking at each other like a couple of dummies. Instead, ask her where she got that great T-shirt or what the special occasion is that has her looking so great? Giving her your opinion of her bag, even if it is positive is a big mistake.

  • Avoid a yes/no question. Make sure her/his answer will lead to a further question and you'll be set.

  • Be a listener. It's a great idea to start up a natural conversation about a topic you're both interested in, or she is interested in. Humans like to talk about themselves so use this to your advantage.

  • Concentrate on what she's/he’s saying and ask more questions about what she/he has mentioned.

  • Don't talk too much about yourself, instead, get her to tell you about herself. It's amazing what our brains do in these situations, if we are prompted to discuss our own interests, we often think the other person is very engaging. She will get the impression that you are caring and compassionate and somebody she'd like to talk to again.

If you plan, you would never face that awful feeling of having nothing to say.

Work out what she'd like to talk about and get to it. It's the easiest way so now you'll never be left thinking about how to start a conversation with a girl again.

So many people in a relationship are lacking the most important parts to making that relationship work, many people are in relationships with the wrong people because they are scared. They don’t want to be alone so they would rather be in a bad relationship than none at all. That is the worst thing you can do. By staying in a bad relationship, you are stopping yourself from finding a great relationship. You have closed yourself off from any possibilities of meeting a partner and having the most amazing, loving relationship the one you have been always dreaming of having.


  • Friendship: This is the best foundation for a relationship. If you have a solid true friendship with your partner then you are ahead of 90% of all relationships. In order to love one another and spend every day with this person you must truly like each other or the relationship is doomed from the start.

  • Communication: This is the number one most important thing in a relationship (any relationship). If there is no communication between people then any issues that they have just get buried deep down and only end up making things worse. If you can't trust your partner enough to talk openly with them, then what kind of relationship do you have? But just because it is hard doesn't mean you can't or shouldn't do it. Don't be afraid. Most of the time people are afraid that their relationship will end if they say something. I can tell you that if you don't say anything your relationship may end.

  • Compatibility: You must enjoy doing the same things together. I am not saying that you have to like all the same things, but you need to have some things in common. I know at the beginning of a relationship you have attraction to each other and are more interested in sex than anything else. The attraction will not go away but it does get toned down and when that happens if you don't have anything in common with your partner and have nothing that you enjoy doing with each other the relationship will fail.

There are relationship and dating books for women and men where you can find more ideas and knowledge on the relationship.


Is it difficult to build love in a relationship? Building love in a relationship can be very difficult because you both have to take some certain decisions that could be hard to take but it can be exciting in the long run. A relationship is a very difficult practice base on the fact that two people of different personality are in the relationship and in one way or the other; they will definitely hurt each other sometimes.

  • Relationship Break Heart

  • Relationship Hurt

  • Relationship Disappointment

But if you and your partner can build love gradually you will definitely experience a successful relationship. In the process of building love in your relationship, you and your partner must respect the word 'OPENNESS'. All that this has to do with a love relationship is, being open in your relationship is a simple way of building love in your relationship. This implies to both of you to tell each other everything about each other. The only thing that can set you free is truth. This also applies to people who are also in a relationship or married.

The relationship journey is a very difficult one but if couples can bring out time and study each other, they will definitely enjoy the journey. True love is the only difficult journey worth taking in this world. In this era of the world, where things are becoming very difficult, one needs true love to drive well. It becomes very necessary for couples to have an open mind to share everything about their lives.


  • Give your man some space when he needs it, he shouldn't have to feel bad if he needs some alone time whether for going out with friends or communicating with other women at other places like the workplace.

  • Insecurity and jealousy can ruin a relationship as quick as a relationship starts.

  • Pressure on him is pressure on a relationship, Men have to feel like they are in control of a situation. If you pressurize him or force him to do or act in a certain way, he will lose patience and react in an alien way.

  • Take things easy, it's not a race.

  • Women love to show their partner how they feel about them whether verbally or physically. Men love this sort of attention but only in moderation, too much and he will go crazy.

  • If it makes it easier to see a man as a baby that throws a temper tantrum and throws a dummy out of the pram. Of course, this doesn't mean he is free of his responsibilities, but you will know when you are applying a bit too much pressure on him. Ease upon him.

  • Be independent.

  • Being an independent woman is not just great for a relationship but good for me personally. You never know what life can hand you so be your own woman to prevent any surprises that could possibly pop up in future.

  • Although you and your partner have committed to each other, this doesn't mean that you are attached at the hip. Let him do the things he enjoys whilst you do the things that interest you.


How do you define love or the experience of it? Love demands nothing of us because it is an empty vessel to be filled. This is the analogy for life itself, where love is never wasted but recirculated.

Is love unconditional for you? Or does it come with requirements? What happens when those requirements are not met, do you withhold your love for another? Is it possible to withhold the essence of who we are? How can we stop water flowing in a river? You might say: build a damn.

However, if the dam is not strong enough, the pressure of the water will find its way through or around it. You've no doubt seen tsunamis on TV where entire villages are engulfed by water. Water is a powerful metaphor for love because it can enrich a person's life, yet it can also be destructive if it comes with conditions.

What does love offer us in return? Is it intimacy with ourselves or knowing others better? Love is like the Sun that gives of its energy and asks nothing in return because it is self-sustaining. The more we give love, the more of it we have. What happens when love is not reciprocated or the other person ceases to identify with love? If love is not returned, it does not diminish the other person's capacity to give or receive it. The Sun goes down every evening and there is darkness for twelve hours. Yet, with the break of dawn, it re-emerges bringing energy to sustain life once more. It is a cycle sewn into the fabric of life and so it is with love.


When another person stops loving us, it does not mean we are unlovable. For you cannot stop the flow, it will naturally find expression in another form. Love is the antidote to fear, hatred and anger. It is the one true constant in our lives that is bestowed upon us from conception. We are born into love and leave this life knowing we will continue to love in the lifetimes that follow.

The question is: have you dared to fully express love in this life? Have you given love freely and unconditionally? We ought to be like a sponge filled with water, totally wrung out when our time comes. We ought to fill our hearts with love and not withhold it for fear it won't be reciprocated. Because every time we engage in love, it is magnified within every cell of our body. The more we give of ourselves, the more love expands within our hearts.

Love needn't be something expressed between two people but can reveal itself through our life's purpose, our hobbies and our attitude. If you seek more love in your life, let go of the barriers that keep you safe from expressing it. See if you can find the place within you bursting with love and direct it towards something or someone. Love is like a bank account that compounds interest with each deposit made.

Because if we truly want to know what it means to love, we must first experience it unreservedly while we have the chance. Do you want to lead a remarkable life? Are you committed to taking action despite your fears and doubts? Grab your copy from Amazon for a good relationship and love ideas.

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